HK-5801N20 Lab ultrapure water purification system

Supplies category:Laboratory ultra pure water machine
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Manufacturer:HKY Technology Co.,Ltd
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HK-5801N20 Lab ultrapure water purification system is used to produce the ultrapure water, which manufactured by HKY Technology Co.,Ltd, it is manufactuered with the method of combing the double reverse osmosis filter and ion exchange. The equipment was manufactured according to the national experimental water specification and test method, combined with self advantage and used the abroad advance technology for reference. It can be widely used in the microbial media water, analysis regent, Pharmaceutical setting, instrument analysis, biochemical reagent and life science area.


The principle of instrument as follows: pretreating the tap water by precison and activated carbon filter, remove the particle, like silt, adsorb strange odor, make the tape water clean, then desalt water by reverse osmosis device, access the water in and save it in the storage tank, till here the water can reach the national third level water, at the same time drain the waste water away. Then go through the third level water from purification column and deep desalted to get the first level water, then go through the Uv sterilization, microfiltration or super filtration, remove the bacteria, paticle and hot source



Simple water operation interface, high measurement accuracy; two level water can be produced to meet the different requirment; LCD display, touch screen, Online real-time of water quality and temp; Chinese and English display; level permission function to make sure the safety operation.

Technique Data

 Environment requirment:(10~45)℃,relative humidity: ≤90%RH, no vibration and no power around the instrument.

Water source: Tap water TDS<500ppm,temp (5~45)℃,pressure:(0.1~0.4 )MPa(water source>500ppm,susggested to be equiped with outer softener.)

Water capacity(25℃): 20L/h

RO system recycle:>30%

RO treat level:double reverse osmosis

RO water characteristic:RO water TDS(total dissolved solids, ppm)≤ source wtaerTDS*5%(salt rejection≥95%),(when source water<300ppm,RO water conductivity<5μS/cm)  

UP water characteristic :

Electrical resistivity:          18.2MΩ.cm(25℃)

Heavy metal ion:           <0.1ppb

Total orgnic carbon(TOC):       <10ppb

Particle size(大于0.22um):   <1ml


Water outlet:2(RO reverse osmosis water,UP ultra pure water)

Quantitative water:yes

Consumable replacement reminder:yes

UV sterilization lamps:yes

Water quality monitor:Online conductivity monitor+ online electrical resistivity monitor


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