CEMTEC® The World's First InSitu High-Temperature Oxygen & Combustibles Probe for Cement Plant

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CEMTEC® The World's First InSitu High-Temperature Oxygen & Combustibles Probe for Cement Plant Rotating Kiln Inlet Area

The continuous measurement of oxygen and combustibles in cement plants has always been a challenge for any type of analysing probes. Up to now, it was nearly impossible to extract measuring gas for a continuous analysing system, because of the severe dust and wet particulate conditions, making any InSitu device inoperative due to the probe would become "cemented over" very quickly, resulting in lost of signal and the probe itself. ENOTEC has solved this problem with their new analysing system CEMTEC® . 

The ENOTEC solution uses the proven InSitu measuring probe model COMTEC® 6000, which is been  pneumatically and continuously turned inside the process while housed in a water-cooled outer jacket. This turning prevents the probe from bending and from the caking of clinker.  

A regular cleaning by pushing the probe (as shown in the 3 pictures below) avoids the accruing of the gas vent and the caking of dust on the internal probe filter. The pushing procedure is  been carried out typically every 2 minutes without disruption of the measurement. Additionally the probe will be cleaned with pressured air every 60 minutes.

The InSitu probe measures oxygen using an OXITEC® ZrO2 cell and with the COMTEC® Ga2O3 Sensor COe (combustibles). The system delivers a continuous measuring signal with a dead time less than 1 second and a T90 time of 5 seconds. In addition, it is also possible to extract approximately 60 l/h flue gas for the following flue analysis (SO2, NOx, etc.).

The control cabinet with the pneumatic unit serves the cleaning of the probe with compressed air and acts as pneumatic propulsion of the InSitu measuring probe. Also, the emergency retraction of the probe is a pneumatical operation. This is used for example, if the temperature of the probe becomes too high due to failure of the probe circulating cooling water. The electronic is an OXITEC® SME5 Microprocessor, which is the well-proven flagship electronics package used in the OXITEC® product line. 

The position of Cemtec applicates and other ENOTEC Products in Cement Plants: 

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