In-situ O2 measuring Solution

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With long-term experience in the field of gas analysis in combustion processes ENOTEC company is able to offer contemporary, proven and robust in-situ O2 measuring systems for continuous monitoring of oxygen in gas, witch guarantee competent solution, low costs of ownership, high reliability and availability as well as high quality i.e. reliability, comparability and traceability of measurements.

Main activities concern consulting, installation, commissioning, calibration and maintenance of in-situ measuring systems of world-wide renowned producer ENOTEC:

  • OXITEC ENSITU® 7000 O2 Analyser System for small furnaces,
  • OXITEC 5000, O2 Analyser System,
  • OXITEC 5000, O2 Analyser System for hazardous area, ATEX Explosion proofed: II 2G EEx d II C T3/T6,
  • COMTEC 6000, O2/COe Analyser System,
  • COMTEC O2/COe Analyser System for hazardous area, ATEX Explosion proofed: II 2G EEx d II C T3/T6,
  • CEMTEC O2/COe Analyser System for high dust and high temperature.

NEW PRODUCT: ENOTEC ENSITU® 7000 O2 for small sized boiler and furnace applications.

Decades of experience in design and construction of highest quality analyzers have resulted in the ENSITU® 7000, a budget friendly O2 transmitter probe, made by ENOTEC.

The ENSITU® 7000 works out of the box, needing no calibration or instrument air supply. ENSITU® 7000 measures InSitu: diffusion takes place through the large filter with v-shield. Flue gas extraction and conditioning is not necessary.

ENOTEC control units have integrated Bluetooth communication. Using your smart phone or tablet with ENOTEC Bluetooth Remote app, you are able to communicate with control unit.
The communication between the ENOTEC analyzer and the ENOTEC Bluetooth remote app is in real time, allowing you to carry out tasks and to view process and analyzer data in real time.
Use the app to save all process and analyzer related data to your phone and send this file to colleagues or directly to ENOTEC for support.
More information: ENOTEC Bluetooth Remote

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