SDTGA8000 Proximate Analyzer


Proximate analyzer SDTGA8000 can be used to determine the moisture, ash and volatile matter as well as calculation of fixed carbon for coal, coal and biomass.
If can also be used for the calculation of carbon content in fly ash and clinker.
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Sundy Proximate analyzer SDTGA8000 is the proximate tester which can be used to determine the moisture, ash and volatile matter as well as calculation of fixed carbon for coal, coal and biomass. Testing result is accurate and reliable.

Conformance to Standards: 

ASTM D 5142-09 - Standard Test Method for Proximate Analysis of the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke by Instrumental Procedures.

ASTM D7582 - Standard Test Methods for Proximate Analysis of Coal and Coke by Macro Thermogravimetric Analysis

ASTM D 3173-03 Standard Test Method for Moisture in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke

ASTM D 3174-04 - Standard Test Method for Ash in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke.

ASTM D 3175-07 Standard Test Method for Volatile Matter in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke.

ISO 11722 - Solid Mineral Fuels - Hard Coal - Determination of Moisture in the General Analysis Test Sample by Drying in Nitrogen.

ISO 1171 - Solid mineral fuels - Determination of Ash.

ISO 562 - Hard coal and coke - Determination of Volatile Matter.


High precision & accuracy:

1.Two internal balances away from high temperature and heat radiation, no drift occurs.

2.With automatic calibration function, each weighing is accurate and reliable.

3.Simulate test environment and condition of drying oven and muffle furnace, exact in accordance with standard.

4.The unique automatic cleaning function of low temperature furnace completely eliminates the influence of dust on result.

High efficiency:

1.Dual furnaces design, low-temperature furnace for moisture test and high- temperature furnace for ash and volatile matter test.

2.Analysis for moisture, ash and volatile matter can be conducted simultaneously and consecutively.

3.No blank sample during test. Full index of single batch samples (18 samples) can be finished in 150 min.

Patented technology: 

1.Tailored volatile matter crucible with unique auto-sample loading mechanism avoided the operation of replacement or removal of the crucible cover under high temperature.

2.Unique crucible clamp device avoid upset and drop of crucible.

3.Unique crucible detection mechanism avoid mistake and missing of placing crucible.

4.Unique sample tray positioning mechanism and drive mechanism ensure stable and reliable operation.

Human based design, Environment friendly and energy saving.

1.Sample tray locates inside, real time data transmission. Weighing sample at room temperature, away from heat radiation.

2.Special crucible collector discards residual automatically. No need to clamp crucible at high temperature. Easy and safe operation.

3.Equipped with dust collector, environment friendly and clean.

4.Compressed air can meet the requirement of gas supply, no oxygen and nitrogen required.

Intelligent control:

1.Easy to use Windows-based operating software, after finishing the sample weighing, the operator can be free for other tasks.

2.Several proximate analyzers can be controlled by a single PC with Ethernet communication technology.

3.Strong data processing ability, statistic report and print function, connection with network and balance are available by standard interface RS232.


Sample mass:

(0.5~1.1) g (Self-defined)

Furnace temperature:

Room temperature~1000℃

Sample Loader:

18 samples

Temperature control precision:

±2℃ (Moisture), ±5℃ (Ash, Volatile matter)

Test efficiency:

Full indexes for 3 batches of samples (54 samples) within 8h

Power requiremen:

220 V(-15%~10%),50 / 60Hz

Gas requirement: n

Compressed air / Oxygen & Nitroge
Max.Power: 4.5kW

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